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Nigerian singer, Oluwatosin Ajibade, otherwise known as Mr Eazi, has been in the eye of the storm lately over some statements he has been making.

Amid a current radio meeting, the vocalist had asserted that the act of imbuing Ghanaian sounds  and slangs into Nigerian music was begun by him.

Furthermore, that, different artistes in the nation are currently duplicating his “formula” keeping in mind the end goal to have hit tunes like him.

Immediately the video recording of the meeting surfaced on the Internet, Nigerians lambasted him for making false claims.

The dust still couldn’t seem to settle down on that occurrence before the dubious artist likewise claimed that he dismissed an oil and gas work that would have gotten him $6,000 every month in order to pursue his after his music career.

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In the interim, a few Nigerians shared pictures of Mr Eazi’s LinkedIn page, which demonstrated that the artist just functioned as an assistant at Schlumberger for a half year in 2010.

Be that as it may, in a visit with Sunday Scoop, the artist remained by his words. “The interview that caused this uproar was just me speaking my mind and saying things the way I see it from my perspective. It wasn’t meant to be an insult to any Nigerian artiste.

You cannot deny that I brought a new vibe to the industry and I believe everybody can see that. Now, there are lots of Nigerian artistes who use Ghanaian words and melodies in their songs, but they’ve never been to Ghana.

So how did they get to know about those words? There are a lot more songs out now that have that Ghanaian influence, and with all due respect, I can boldly say that started after my songs started gaining popularity.”

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Made a request to say one artiste that has “replicated” his style, the dreadlocks-wearing artist stated,

“I don’t need to say anyone’s name. I am certain that the individuals who are discerning will hear what I’m saying.”

Talking on the $6,000 work he supposedly turned down for music, Mr Eazi stated, “I turned down the occupation; I didn’t state I had begun working there.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being an assistant. I don’t have anything to pick up by lying about such a thing.

Reality remains that I was offered a vocation by Schlumberger, however I chose not to take it, yet rather focused on my profession.

Furthermore, that is a choice I’ve never regretted till date.”


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