Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Are Expecting Their First Child
Kylie Jenner And Rapper Boyfriend Travis Scott.

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Report has it that 20 year reality Star Kylie Jenner is Expecting her first child with her 25 year old boyfriend Travis Scott.

The star and her boyfriend of five months are said to have broken the happy news to their close friends earlier this month.

 It is even claimed that Kylie and her rapper boyfriend, Travis know the sex of the child – and are expecting a girl child.

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Reports from Daily Mail added that the young expectant mom was around four months pregnant.

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The news was reported first from TMZ with a report stating that Travis was telling friends his life was about to change.

Kylie Jenner With Her Friends
Kylie Jenner With Her Friends.
The star took to SnapChat earlier in the day to share a picture with a group of friends.

The reality TV star wore a baggy black t-shirt and posed in the group with an arm over her stomach.

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