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20 Year Old Kylie Jenner has uncovered why she chose to go under the blade to get bigger Lips.

The star shared her thought processes on Sunday’s release of E’s! Life of Kylie, indicating back to a horrible remark she got in her mid-adolescents that made her to go under the knife.

She said ‘I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips … I had really small lips,’

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It was like one of my first kisses and a guy was like, “I didn’t think you would be a good kisser because you have such small lips,”‘ she said, adding that she ‘took that really hard.’

She continued, ‘Just when a guy you like says that, I don’t know, it just really affected me – I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty.’

Kylie included that she ‘truly needed greater lips’ and was constrained to attempt and utilize cosmetics to make up for what she believed she was inadequate in: ”I would overline my lips with lip liner just to create the illusion of bigger lips.’

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In any case, in the long run she nixed that fix, selecting to experience corrective surgery to improve her lips. She said, She said, ‘Finally I was like, “This lip liner isn’t doing it,”‘


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