This is the 32 year old Beverly Hills police officer who has been cheating on his young 29 year old wife with Mel B.

The officer Ryan Lawrence, according to reports has been secretly dating Mel since May behind wife’s back.

The devastated 29-year-old registered nurse had learned of the alleged infidelity last week and the couple are having a big fight over the allegations.

According to sources the relationship is still strong despite the fact that Mel broke it up after discovering her lover was married.

The duo were introduced at the beginning of the year by a high-ranking Beverly Hills PD police officer who is Mels is personal friend.

Mel and Ryan are now secretly trying to handle the situation so they can stay together.

According to Daily Mail: ‘They are totally into each other, Ryan has been staying over at Mel’s a lot while telling Morgan he’s had work commitments.

‘Mel has even introduced him to her children and he’s taken them shopping. Mel is loving the attention Ryan is giving her, it’s a big confidence booster.’

‘Ryan might be telling Morgan something different, but he has no intention of going back to her. He’s told Mel he doesn’t love his wife and wants out.

‘Once the dust has settled he plans to end the marriage and go on a vacation with Mel, they’ve got it all planned out.’

The source also claimed Mel purposely kissed a ‘mystery man’ at an MTV VMAs after party in LA to distract the media from her relationship with Ryan.


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