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No less than four people have been killed in Asaba, the Delta State capital.

The presumed aggressors, who attacked a Hausa/Fulani settlement at around 10pm Friday night at Abraka advertise inside Asaba city, killed three men, one lady and left a few others with wounds.

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The suspect executioners shot sporadically as individuals dozed and later tossed bomb into a Mosque around a territory called Cable point.

Vanguard reports that an overcome Hausa man grabbed the bomb and tossed it into the waterway before it could detonate.

A source told the daily paper that troopers and policemen acted the hero and pursued the speculated intruders away.

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He said the security specialists took the harmed people to the healing center for treatment and stored the body of the perished at the funeral home.

 Agents have been sent to regions like Okwe, a settlement for IPOB and other Biafra instigators.

The territory is near the River Niger which is the limit between Delta State and states in the South-East.


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