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The Nigerian Army Men of the 32 Artillery Brigade Akure, Ondo State, has caught and arrested seven suspected criminals on Wednesday when they raged a few bushes in the Akoko region of the state.

 We assembled that the army were said to have pursued the criminals who had their caves situated in Akokoland, following reports of kidnappings, particularly of voyagers on Akure-Owo and Kabba-Auga-Akunnu freeways.

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The Assistant Director of the Nigeria Army Public Relations, Captain Ojo Adelegan, said the  exercises of the criminals in the territory educated the activity of the armed force, which sent its men to brush the woodlands where the speculated hijackers supposedly kept their casualties.

Adelegan said the suspects, whose personalities were not uncovered, were hijackers and their informants..

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He stated, “The Commander, 32 Artillery Brigade, Brig. Gen. James Ataguba, by and by drove the unit troops for the unique operation to brush the ruffians’ spots in the Akoko range of Ondo State.

 “The leader and his troops attacked and  thoroughly   looked different criminals’ camps in the shrubs at the limit amongst Kogi and Ondo states in Akunu Akoko, Ohogo and Ogale people group.

 “The operation is gone for checkmating the perpetual capturing in the Akoko territory of Ondo State.”


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