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Nollywood performer Monalisa Chinda as of late talked on the issue of aggressive behavior at home – In the meeting, she advised ladies to quit inciting men – Chinda additionally talked on s*xual provocation in the Nollywood business Following the ascent of voicing out issues of abusive behavior at home in Nigeian homes.

Nollywood on-screen character Monalisa Chinda has given her two pennies. The mother of one was as of late on a television show where she chatted on delicate subjects including ladies and aggressive behavior at home.

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As indicated by the 43-year-old on-screen character, aggressive behavior at home is much the same as everything else on the planet, there is dependably a reason and after that a response.

Chinda expressed that she is against abusive behavior at home however forewarned ladies to quit inciting their spouses and battling men who are known to be more grounded.

She stated: “As much as I loathe all types of brutality against ladies and men, ladies ought to stop inciting their man by beating punches and slaps.

She went further to state ladies ramble and it could be a trigger. She said: “I’m a domestic violence [enthusiast]. I always research when I hear fresh stories about domestic violence. Half the time, it is the women. “God just gave us this running Okra mouth. Women, don’t fight with people who are stronger than you.”

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She communicated that relatively few ladies turn out to concede they allow s*xual favors for movie parts in light of belittling. She stated: “It’s a bit uncomfortable for someone to come out and say I was cornered to sleep with a producer because of a role,”

“They keep quiet about it because of their careers. Apart from that, the society stigmatizes these women.

So you just swallow your pride. “When you are outside the shores of Africa, women are heroes for coming out to speak about s*xual abuse, but here “No”.


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