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The Lagos State government, In its endeavors to free the environments of all infractions, has captured five people for urinating straightforwardly in the city of Lagos.

The five people, Ajetunmobi James, Ishola Akanbi, Bokovou Ettiene, Adeuga Adetola, and Emmanuel Adekola , were captured on Thursday by the Special Adviser to the Governor on the Environment, Mr. Babatunde Hunpe, amid his sanitation review voyage through some nearby government regions in the state.

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The Special Adviser, who was on visit of Yaba, Mushin, Ojuwoye, Ojuelegba and Ojota territories of the state to learn the execution of the sanitation intercession activity introduced to cart away refuse, repeated the dedication of government to free the condition of all infractions, among which were open pee and surrender.

Hunpe, while tending to the general population, cautioned them to stop from such act, focusing on that it was obligatory for all oil stations and diners in the state to make their toilets accessible to individuals from people in general whom he asked to dependably profit such offices for their benefit, notwithstanding the general population toilets in the state.

“There is no reason for open pee and poop as we have open toilets everywhere throughout the state, while diners and filling stations are compelled by law to keep their toilets flawless and make them accessible to individuals from the general population,” he said.

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After acquiring the dedication of the secured people, who vowed to from now on champion the ‘no open pee” reason for the state government, Hunpe cautioned them against such acts later on, focusing on that administration would not falter to present the law as a powerful influence for any individual who is gotten in the demonstration hereafter.


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