Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Group

 The Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) yesterday communicated full help for the choice of the Southeast governors to banish the exercises of the Nnamdi Kanu-drove Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

This is coming as the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) said it would respect Kanu amid the introduction of a book titled: How Nnamdi Kanu Restructured Nigeria one month from now.

In an announcement in Enugu by President and Secretary General separately Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Okwu Nnabuike, the OYC portrayed the choice of the governors as apropos, focusing on that it would address the bits of gossip about assertion of highly sensitive situation in the zone.

 The OYC said though it was not averse to any actions that would end the age-long marginalisation of Ndigbo in Nigeria, but it was against any actions that could lead to loss of lives.

 “We are saddened by the level of confrontation between the Nigerian Army and the Biafra agitators and the death of many Igbo youths in the process.

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“We are also sad over the reported death of a policeman during the unfortunate but avoidable incident.

We say avoidable in the sense that but for the launching of the Operation Python Dance 2, there was already a reasonable level of discussion between the agitators and us.

 “We are equally aware that the South-East Governors were also in discussion with the agitators before the military launched its action.

“However, considering the level of destruction and ruins that could have erupted, we applaud the Southeast governors for rising to the occasion.

It was indeed the need of the moment. We cannot afford to continue to lose our people, in addition to over 3 million killed during the civil war, the statement reads.

 It, however, warned that proscribing the IPOB would not have achieved its objectives if the root cause of the agitations were not addressed, adding that it would not be any surprise if another group more daring than IPOB springs up in the future.

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Then, the ECA in an announcement by its Deputy Leader, Maria Okwor, said the book, which will be discharged by the association reported the travails, the adventure and dissatisfactions in the vivacious endeavor by great men and ladies to spare Nigeria from fall, through rebuilding of the country back to genuine federalism and territorial self-rule.

 “The book uncovers how Nigeria has been injured by an over-intense focus, pre-bendalism, unitary structure, ethnic divisions, debasement and sick fitting military constitution.

 “The book additionally reviews the battles by the late Anthony Enahoro, Abraham Adesanya, Rotimi Williams and Tunji Braithwaite, among others to recreate and update Nigeria through a healthy rebuilding of the commonwealth that will hurl another individuals’ constitution that would be certified at a submission.

 “The book uncovered the reasons why foes of advance have reliably slaughtered reports of past national meetings, to make sure they can keep on holding Nigerians prisoner and deny the general population chance to reclaim their nation from the awful scheme that trusts they are destined to control and rule others until the end of time.

 The announcement added that, Kanu is being respected for accomplishing the organizing of Nigeria in under two years. This was something that appeared to be incomprehensible only two years ago,”

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