A 23-year-old minister recognized as Kingsley Ihunda has been summoned by a Port Harcourt boss judges’ court for purportedly infecting a pregnant lady, Ejiro Abua with HIV.

 The episode occurred at the Ada-George zone of Diobu, Port Harcourt Local Government of Rivers State.

The lady, a mother of one, portrayed that she had lost two pregnancies, and was coordinated to the minister by one Treasure Victor, 40, a female cultivator, for exceptional supplications.

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As she charged in the court, it was amid the procedure of deliverance that the minister Ihunda contaminated her with HIV following a ‘blessed chomp’

The lady told the court that she likewise lost the pregnancy.

 She likewise told the court that she counseled the cultivator for help to stop the hotness of her womb, which she associated to be the reason with her premature deliveries, however as opposed to helping her, she guided her to Pastor Ihunda, whom she said worked with her.

 She clarified that the minister professedly approached her to pay N1,500 for olive oil for supplication.

 According to her, “When I protested paying the cash, he disclosed to me that on the off chance that I declined to pay, husband and tyke would kick the bucket. The lady (botanist), upheld him and urged me to pay the cash.

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“She said she had brought other hopeful moms, who had a similar issue, to the minister, and after installment and petitions, their issues were illuminated.

 “When I heard this, I chose to pay and want supplications. Amid supplications, he requesting that I raise my garments, I won’t, however the botanist urged me to go along.

He rubbed oil on my midsection, bit me, sucked my blood and spat it out, asserting that was the reason for my concern and it had been comprehended.”

The lady additionally claimed that she tried positive for HIV couple of months after the fact yet her husband tried negative, including that it was found the minister contaminated her.

 The Police prosecutor, Jonas Rufus, told the court that the wrongdoing was submitted on July 27 at Ada George, Mile 3, Diobu, Port Harcourt.

Be that as it may, the blamed argued not liable and were confessed to bail.

The case was deferred till Sept. 29 for hearing.

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