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Police have uncovered realistic CCTV after the executing of a 33 year old man, Anthony Soares who was trapped and slaughtered by two veiled men In Toronto Canada.

The perished who was likewise dear companion of rapper drake was killed as he held up to be hummed into a condo building.

Report says his executioners opened fire on him at a close range through a glass entryway at the tall building.

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Surveillance cameras demonstrated the casualty holding up inside the hall as the two executioners hop out of a car and ran towards the passageway.

Soares has no place to keep running as the men start shooting, shattering the glass entryway and exhausting their bullets as they shoot him down.

The suspects, who were wearing hooded clothes with their appearances secured, escape in the holding up gateway car – a four-door, white Ford Fusion – as the casualty lies on the ground.

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Manslaughter Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux stated: “basically, the deceased was caught between the internal anteroom zone and the guilty parties, who were on the inverse side of the glass.”

Following the ruthless murder, Drake paid tribute to his companion on Instagram

Posting a picture of Soares,

he wrote: “RIP to one of our family members…our brother… I still can’t even believe this morning was real.

It was a honor to have shared years together and I will always keep your memory alive.”


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