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Pope Francis got a cut on his forehead and blood on his white cape Sunday when he found the window of his Popemobile while waving to admirers in Colombia.

80 year old Pope Francis, was standing up in the extraordinarily planned vehicle amid a parade through the Caribbean city of Cartagena when the vehicle braked strongly.

TV pictures indicated him slamming into the glass of the vehicle’s secured stage, and afterward being helped by his bodyguard.

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He was seen later with a wound on his cheek and a little dressing on his forehead, yet at the same time smiling.

“I got bashed,” he told to journalists.

Vatican representative Greg Burke told columnists: “The pope is okay. Ice was put on it and he was dealt with. He will proceed with the calendar for his visit without any progressions.”

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Francis was in Cartagena on the most recent day of a four-city Colombian visit. He was to fly back to Rome later on Sunday.


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