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An administrative laborer Mr. Kunle Salami of the College of Education, Oro in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, was reportedly struck dead by thunder at the football field of the school amid a drawn out rain that began at sunrise and Lasted for nine hours on Thursday.

Salami was said to have helped an car proprietor, who is additionally a representative of the establishment, to drive his vehicle from Ilorin, the state capital, to Oro, exactly 60km distance, before the disastrous episode occurred around 10:00a.m.

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As indicated by sources, “after he pulled up the car, he began trekking to his office in the company of two others when the thunder struck him, lifted him up starting from the earliest stage, hit him on the ground and tore his pants material into shreds.”

It was learnt that the rain, a light one without storm, was not the sort that normally related to helping and overwhelming electrical storms.

The sad incident threw the campus grounds into a mayhem as many students and workers hurriedly fled for their homes, while only a group of brave workers formed a circle round the lifeless body praying for his resuscitation but without touching it.

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At the point when all endeavors to resuscitate him demonstrated purposeless, his companions were said to have allured on some ‘Sango’ worshippers from Omu Aran to pacify the divinity accepted to be in charge of the passing before his remaining parts could be passed on for internment.

A previous director of Board of Governors of the organization, Chief Wole Oke, depicted the episode as a typical event in Yoruba people group, similarly as he petitioned God for the rest of the spirit of the deceased.


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