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Twitter is set to officially acquaint tweetstorm with twitter clients. As of now , twitter is trying out tweetstorm in their Android mobile application.

 What do you do when you have just 140 characters and its sufficiently not enough to express your thoughts on Twitter? Obviously, Dispatch into an all out tweetstorm.

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For those unaware of the present circumstances, a tweetstorm is just a string of tweets that take after a similar subject or discussion.

You can throw together your own basically by tweeting and afterward answering to that tweet to begin; at that point, you’ll have to answer to each tweet in progression to keep the string going. Rehearse the same number of times as you want.

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Notwithstanding, a Twitter user who goes by the name Devesh Logendran shared screenshots of an inherent tweetstorming highlight with TNW, that appears to naturally part message up into singular tweets and attaching a tweet check toward the end.

Devesh wrote, Waooh, twitter has a hidden tweet storm Feature.


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