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Two men, Ajayi Tosin and Kesiena Tito are over and over in conflict over responsibility for five-month-old child, Emmanuel Omkhode Ajayi in Warri, Delta State.

The twosome are making a case for the youngster conveyed by an eighteen-year-old young lady.

The issue developed after Ajayi was supposedly captured throughout the end of the week following a request of “Danger to Life” initiated by Kesiena to the Nigeria Police Area Command.

In an exclusive Chat with DAILY POST, Tosin Ajayi, a twenty three year old hair stylist guaranteed to have lived together with Blessing Iroroteh since 2015 preceding she conveyed a bobbing kid this year, 2017 in his home.

 Ajayi likewise guaranteed that his senior sister was in charge of the doctor’s visit expenses in the wake of Blessing was conveyed of the infant, conveyed.

He focused on that he has been providing food for her and the infant, including her mom who came to nurture (Omugo) the infant for two months in his home at Nnewi Street, Akah Avenue in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

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Ajayi noticed that he did the naming and additionally devotion function within the sight of her mom who later whisked her (Blessing) without end to the home of Kesiena Tito as the proprietor of the infant.

Ajayi stated, “I was at home when Police came to capture and took me to the Area Command.”

Ajayi claimed that he was compelled to state that he was not the father of the child at the Police Station by Kesiena’s family.

He included that he was even compelled to take N100,000, sign an endeavor to relinquish the tyke by the Kesiena’s family focusing on that, “they even said I ought to swear affirmation” however I dismissed it.
Ajayi demanded that he was the proprietor of the infant kid saying, “I am the proprietor of the infant. I would prefer not to offer my youngster. They ought to proceed with the DNA yet that other man should pay for it.”

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In an opposite view, Kesiena Tito asserted to have dated Blessing, mother of the fighting infant kid for a long time bringing up that they isolated ten months back finished an uncertain issue before she was conveyed of the infant at Ajayi’s home.

Kesiena who hails from Ophorigbala Community, Ughelli South Local Government Area expressed that he has been in charge of instruction of Blessing every one of these years.

Kesiena demanded that he is the proprietor of the youngster saying, “We were dating before for as far back as five years previously she exited me for.

The child is my own.”

Gift Iroroteh expressed that she went out to Ajayi’s home since she felt he (Kesiena)will not acknowledge the pregnancy and the infant.

Gift likewise expressed that her mom knew that the youngster does not have a place with Ajayi but rather she came there to do “Omugo” and shared in the commitment.

We assembled, nonetheless, that the Police at the Area Command in Warri has requested that DNA be done to learn the genuine proprietor of the kid or that the issue be alluded to court.


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