Two police officers are set to face criminal charges following an accident where a ten year old child actor and his 34 year old aunt were killed by the driver of a stolen car as he tried to escape from the two police officers who were chasing.

The ten year old boy, Makayah McDermott and his aunt Rosie Cooper, were reportedly walking along the pavement when they were hit by a vehicle in Penge, South East London.

Catherin Hall who is the spokesperson of IPCC operations manager said: ‘Following our investigation I have now decided to make a referral to the CPS as there is an indication that two officers may have committed criminal offences relating to their actions both during and following the pursuit. 

‘The referral relates to both the driver and the passenger of the police vehicle. I am satisfied we have gathered all the available evidence and it is now for the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether to bring criminal charges.


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