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Hollywood couple George and wife Amal Clooney who welcomed their twins Alexander and Ella in June, uncovered why they pick straightforward great names for their kids.

 Amid a meeting with People, The 56-year-old actor said he and his significant other ‘would not like to have stupid names’ for The twins.

George stated: ‘We would not like to give them one of those silly Hollywood names that don’t mean anything.’

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Demanding that he and his significant other ‘figured these children will be taken at a great deal and watched,’ so they ‘needed them to at any rate to have a break with the names.’

He included that his son and little girl ‘as of now have enough trouble bearing the heaviness of their VIP.’

George and Amal didn’t pick the names Ella and Alexander in light of any ‘incredible motivation,’.

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George revealed to ET that his children, who were conceived on June 6, don’t have a similar identity.

 While Ella is “elegant” and appears to be like Amal, Alexander is ‘a moose,’ including that he ‘just sits and eats.’

 George and Amal are set to commend their third wedding commemoration this month; they got married on September 27, 2014.


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