A civil society organisation, underneath the aegis of National Forum of Democrats, NDF, has alleged that some politicians in Borno State were planning create tension ahead of the 2019 general elections with the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Addressing newsmen on Saturday, the nation’s leader of NDF, Alhaji Gambo Dambata, stated some persons, who’ve been taking advantage of that old order were attempting to down side both your hands of the time to come back Nigeria towards the era of gloom.

Dambata alleged that the calculation of such persons would be to sponsor publications both in print and electronic media, along with some organisations, that Boko Haram is occupying certain territories in Nigeria in order to produce a security report that will make INEC shelve the 2019 polls within the state.

He stated, “Borno State while you are all aware continues to be in the receiving finish of the Boko Haram scourge because the group switched violent in ’09.

“Prior for this, Borno continues to be one of probably the most peaceful states in Nigeria having a metropolitan state capital, Maiduguri, that was the place to find just about anybody irrespective of religious or ethnic background.

“You might have observed reports in certain quarters about re-taking of some territories in Borno State allegedly by Boko Haram.

“This subtle campaign which seems to attract sympathy towards the local population within the stated territories is certainly not but an orchestrated narrative to create inside a sinister diary for the manipulation of the forthcoming general elections and also to hoodwink multilateral agencies along with other humanitarian organisation into donating funds for diversion and employ by these components.

“But we ask how possible it’s for that insurgents to re-take territories in the present conditions in which the insurgents happen to be terribly weakened and downgraded that they’ve resorted to bombing soft targets?

“Such people forget that Nigerians aren’t so naive and that individuals are aware that because the President purchased the service leaders to transfer towards the North-east, the military hasn’t lost ground on any territory but has consolidate its grip in holding forte retrieved territories towards the jubilation of the people.

“This group has had an excursion of its northern border-east and may confirm authoritatively that the 13 LGAs once held by Boko Haram in 2015 have been liberated.

“We may also confirm that serious-minded humanitarian organizations take presctiption ground giving help while economic activities have came back to the old order and existence booming for anyone again.

“One thus remains baffled the political losers think they are able to hatch a brand new plot to experience around the sensibility of well meaning Nigerians and then try to diminish the success of world war 2 against insurgency through the Muhammadu Buhari brought Administration.

“We urge Borno politicians to ignore holding elections in IDP camps as there’s a deliberate plot by a few selfish politicians to sponsor attacks over the North-east within the name of Boko Haram simply to cause panic, apprehension and pandemonium within the state to give room for elections to carry in IDP camps where they are able to easily manipulate the outcomes in favour of their preferred candidates.”


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