Dozie Ikedife, previous President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo has kept up that Biafra can never die or be overlooked by individuals of the South East since it has turned into their personality.

Ikedife, who is the convener of South East Elders Forum, noticed that Biafra is critical to a few people from the South East.

Talking on Friday in Nnewi, Anambra State, Ezeife focused on that no one needs to overlook their character.

Taking note of that no genuine, “Oduduwa or Arewa, would acknowledge to overlook their personalities,” Ikedife said anyone who advises a gathering of individuals to overlook their character would give a wrong recommendation “most likely in light of wrong observation or wrong comprehension of what the fomentation is about.”

The previous Ohanaeze President additionally noticed that he had dependably upheld that the issue of realizing self-assurance for the Igbo would be expert through exchange, discretion, peacefulness, lawful means and working inside the law.

He stated, “These are individuals who met in the South Eastern piece of West Africa in a zone now called Nigeria when the Portuguese adventurers of the fifteenth century came calling amid their investigation of West Africa.

Note that in any circumstance, anyone sitting easily might want existing conditions to be kept up. Then again, anyone not sitting easily would call for modification. This is fundamental.

“They call for rebuilding. We need to characterize what we are rebuilding, to what degree will it go. Will it be sufficiently far to expel every one of these hints of distress in the framework or will it simply be a spur of the moment easing of the inconvenience?

“We should comprehend that. What’s more, until the imbalance, underestimation, uneven circulation of supports, infrastructural advancement, joblessness, financial strengthening, convenience or deliberate prohibition are tended to, the fomentation here and there in this nation will positively not lessen


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