A Chilling CCTV footage has emerge showing the minute a vagrant ‘dressed as a ninja’ crept through the garden of family who offered to enable him to get off the streets before attacking and killing a mum and her son.

The recording shows the 24 year old killer Aaron Barley crawling outside the home and rising as father Peter Wilkinson took the family’s dog for a walk, leaving the kitchen entryway open.

Amid the assault, Aaron fatally stabbed Mr Wilkinson’s 50 year old wife Tracey, and their 13 year old son Pierce, after ambushing the businessman as he returned home.

Aaron wounded Mr Wilkinson, 47, amid a battle, yelling “Did you b*****d” as he cut him six times.

Barley was given food, assisted with convenience and even given work with the family privately-run company.

Barley, whose guardians kicked the bucket when he was young, called Mrs Wilkinson “the mother that I never had” and went through last Christmas with them and their kids Lydia, 19, and Pierce.

But their kindness backfired in tragic circumstances three months later when Barley inexplicably carried out the horror attack.


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