Nigeria has guaranteed the global group that it is profoundly dedicated to the idea of administer of law as revered in the constitution of the nation.

The Acting Director, International Organizations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Richard Adedoja, expressed this at the UN central station in New York while conveying Nigeria’s announcement on ‘The Rule of Law at the National and International Levels’.

Mr. Adedoja stated: “In Nigeria, the control of law is a central article in our national law and it is an essential rule that aides the procedure of administration.

“We are profoundly dedicated to it. We advance it perseveringly and we have persistently supported for it at the national, provincial and worldwide levels.

“Nigeria stays focused on a procedure of administration that is immovably secured on equitable standards.

“We consider the administer of law as a key essential to the foundation of equity and as a reason for tranquil concurrence and the aversion of equipped clash,” he said.

He said the National Human Rights Commission was set up to make an empowering domain for the advancement, assurance and requirement of human rights.

He said the foundation of the Commission was in assistance of the advancement of and adherence to the standards of run of law in the nation.

Likewise, crafted by the different hostile to debasement organizations are intended to guarantee that ‘due process’ is constantly watched and to concede access to equity for all.

“Just couple of days prior, the Chief Justice of Nigeria guided heads of court to instantly set up what could be mistaken for independent courts to attempt individuals blamed for money related wrongdoings.

“This is solidly established in the understanding that the lead of law must be entirely seen in the organization of equity,” he said.

Mr. Adedoja noticed the UN Secretary-General’s Report that perceived that the govern of law as basic in endeavors to fabricate and maintain peace, as an empowering factor in the counteractive action of contention.

As indicated by him, regard for the manage of law is essential for the acknowledgment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and for the general insurance and advancement of human rights.

Without a doubt, the administer of law should likewise concentrate on tending to issues, for example, environmental change, movement, and savagery against ladies and young ladies, he said.

“The adherence to and regard for the guideline of lead of law must fortify our aggregate reactions to worldwide issues.

“For sure, all reactions to worldwide difficulties, including environmental change, ecological difficulties and in addition struggle over the world, must be founded on the manage of law.

“These incorporate issues relating to great administration, popularity based practice, responsibility, battle against exemption, security of regular folks in furnished clash, ladies and youngsters.

“What’s more, psychological warfare and transnational violations, and a large group of different subjects have characteristic for them regard for and recognition of the control of law,” he said.

Mr. Adedoja reaffirmed Nigeria’s designation support to the Declaration received at the General Assembly’s 2012 High-Level Meeting on the Rule of Law.

He underlined the requirement for national possession in each exertion went for fortifying national limits of Member States in the advancement of the run of law and also in giving specialized help and limit working towards that end.

“We approach UN Member States to recharge their commitment to regard and protect the UN Charter as a methods for advancing global law and fortifying the govern of law.

“We ought to all things considered work to accomplish a world where the administer of law, responsibility and social equity are the establishment for reasonable improvement and strong peace.

“This must be a priority for the worldwide group, for world pioneers and for all people groups,” he said.



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