31 year old father of one Wayne Rooney turned up for training today  at a community garden centre for adults with learning Difficulties where he was given a 100 hour community service sentence along with a two-year road ban following his drink drive scandal.

Rumour has it that The star is said to be desperate to convince his wife Coleen that he is really turning his life around after being caught with another woman while drunk in the car after a night out.

A source said: “Wayne knows he has got to do this and has really thrown himself into it. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and he looked like he was enjoying it”

The Everton Striker was seen Around 8.40am as he walked in wearing a blue jacket, blue hoodie, matching blue bottoms and black Nike trainers.

Once There, the star put on a green zip-up fleece, worn by colleagues and spent all his time inside and at about 3.04pm he was pictured leaving the scene


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