A gunman has been arrested at Phoenix Comicon after allegedly planning to kill celebrity guest Jason David Frank, who played the green Power Ranger Tommy in the original Power Rangers  in the ’90s.

The actor, who the suspect never approached, told reporters he is not “affected” in any manner by the incident and will “pray” for the suspect.

Police told Arizona’s ABC 15 that 29-year-old Mathew Enrique Nava Sterling was arrested Thursday at Phoenix Comicon for allegedly planning to kill Frank and police officers at the event. They said cops detained him on the second floor of the Phoenix Convention Center after a struggle.

Police told ABC 15 that officers found him carrying three handguns, a shotgun, knives, throwing stars, pepper spray and ammunition and was also wearing body armor under his clothes. The outlet said court records stated Sterling also had a calendar reminder set on his smartphone saying “Kill JDF,” which is believed to stand for the Power Rangers star. 


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