Katy Perry addressed her “beef” with Taylor Swift  during Carpool Karaoke on Monday’s Late Late Show Primetime Special. After listening to her song “Swish Swish,” host James Corden asked Katy about the situation between her and Taylor.

The 32-year-old singer told James, “There’s a situation. Honestly, it’s really like she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it.”

Katy then explained that the rift is “about backing dancers,” which she called “so crazy.” She then went on to tell James, “I tried to talk to her about it and she wouldn’t speak to me.”

So even though there’s some bad blood going on here, is Katy ready to put an end to their feud?

“But what I want to say is that I’m ready for that BS to be done,” Katy said before adding, “I think personally that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bulls–t, women together will heal the world.”

So would Katy “remove the beef from the grill” if she received a text from Taylor?


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