Shocking revelations emerged how men pay N5,000, or fewer, to have relations with female students of the us government Women College, FGGC, Langtang, Plateau State.

Based on the report, the schoolgirls are heavily patronized through the security pads used to safeguard students.

One of the safety pads told TheCable how he organises “runs” for that teenagers for undisclosed fee, and just how this really is now a remark trend inside the school premises.

This news site also reports the rot within the once-esteemed Unity School, where students use water from your untreated well, sleep on damaged beds, study in hostile classrooms — and live practically unprotected from predators.

The safety guard was stated to possess consistently beat his chest and gave assurances that getting women out of the hostel “is no big deal”, also it was soon apparent that the romance-vendor have been in the industry for any lengthy time.

The guard stated that a popularly lodge across the Langtang highway, referred to as Bani Guesthouse, established fact towards the women.

He described that most of them do attend Sunday evening parties at Bani, where their boyfriends arrived at watch for them.

The reporter was stated to possess disguised like a visiting businessman in need of assistance of women to invest “a nice time” with.

He guaranteed to pay for the guard greater than what he’d request. All of the “big man” needed would be a guarantee of a swell time. The excited guard known as endlessly, excessively delighted using the business at hands.

The guard told him, “I am providing you with outgoing students.

“There are a few writing exams, it’s just to obtain a clue to understand them and get whether they can do that for me personally. You will find women that do ‘runs’ but the problem is money.”

“You’ll discuss just how much you’ll give them. All individuals women are small women plus they have no idea money much. Should you treat them well, they’ll look for you personally if you are still around.”

The guard had left his duty post. For hrs, he was moving across the school, trying to find women who might be available underneath the tight deadline.

“I have arranged two women now, and they’ll arrived at setup a meeting when they’re completed with their exams today.”


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